OG Kicks Hosts Exclusive Streetwear Celebration

OG Kicks Hosts Exclusive Streetwear Celebration

OG Kicks, the renowned trainer reseller with flagship stores in Carnaby Street, London, and Brighton, made a significant mark during London Fashion Week with an invitation-only evening event.

The event attracted influencers, tastemakers, and personalities such as Mal Nicol, Young T & Bugsey, Harlem Eubank, and AntsKicks.

The gathering provided a platform for celebrating streetwear culture in an inclusive environment, embodying the spirit of inclusivity. “This event has been the best London Fashion Week party I've been to. It feels so inclusive, welcoming and such a great community vibe,” commented one guest.

Among the event's highlights was the showcase of emerging young streetwear designers from the University of Kingston, ranked No.1 in London for Fashion. This opportunity allowed the budding talents to present their work to industry insiders and clothing brand owners, fostering creativity and innovation within the fashion community.

The event also garnered the support of the British Fashion Council, with an official photographer and videography team capturing the night. Ryan, Founder, and CEO of OG Kicks, expressed gratitude for the council's involvement, considering it a prestigious acknowledgment of the event's quality within the industry.

Ryan emphasised OG Kicks' belief in the power of collaboration and community, stating, "By bringing together emerging designers, industry insiders, and fashion enthusiasts, we hope to create an inclusive and inspiring environment where creativity can thrive."

The evening's success underscored OG Kicks' commitment to fostering innovation, setting a benchmark for future celebrations of streetwear culture.

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