Nike vs Adidas: How do the Sizes Differ?

Nike vs Adidas: How do the Sizes Differ?

As a Sneakerhead, you know how important it is to get the right fit for your shoes.

But how do you choose the right pair when every brand seems to sell their products in different sizes?

Here we'll compare the size differences between Nike and Adidas and supply you  with some top tips on how to find the perfect size match for you.

The Basic Differences

As a general rule, Nike sneakers tend to run slightly smaller and narrower than their rival Adidas. This means that if you're a daily Nike wearer looking to pick up some new Adidas, you should typically look at going half a size bigger than your Nikes.

This isn't a hard and fast rule however, as the fit can also vary depending on the specific model and design.

For example, the Adidas Ultraboost's are known to have a snugger fit than their traditional designs; leading many customers to buy them true to size.

On the other hand, Nike's staple 'Air Max' sneakers are known for their roomy fit leading people to purchase their pairs a half size smaller. 

Therefore, it's always best to check the size guide of the shoe you're interested in first and measuring your foot length and width to avoid disappointment. 

Factors to Consider

Alongside the physical size of the shoe itself, there are several factors to consider beside the length and width of your foot.

These include:

  • Foot Shape: It seems obvious, but it's often overlooked how your foot shape can affect how comfortable your shoes are. For example, having a high arch might mean you need more support and cushioning than someone with a low arch. Similarly, if you have a wide forefoot then you may need more toe room than others with narrower feet.
  • Personal preference: As always, your personal preference plays a big part in choosing the right fit. Some people prefer a tight fit that hugs the foot, whilst others prefer a loose fit that allows their feet to breathe. Keep this in mind when looking over the size guides!
  • Activity type: The type of activity you're doing will also determine how you want your shoes to fit. For example, if you'll be running in your sneakers you'll likely want a more flexible and responsive shoe than if you're walking. Whereas if you're playing basket ball, you'll probably want a more stable and supportive pair than if you'll be practicing yoga.

OG Kicks Sizing Tips

Still unsure what fit is the best for you? Here are a few more tips to help you make sure you're getting the right size.

  • Measure both feet: Did you know it's relatively common for your feet to not be exactly the same size? This means it's important to measure them both and use the larger measurement as your reference. You can use a ruler, tape measure, or printable size chart to measure your foot length and width to find your true size.
  • Measure in the afternoon: Feet can swell slightly throughout the day, so it's better to measure them in the afternoon when they're at their largest. This way you can get the most accurate measurement possible.
  • Wear the same socks: When measuring your feet and trying on shoes, wear the same pair of socks that you would normally wear alongside them. This can make a big difference, especially if you'll be wearing them for sporting activities.
  • Leave some space: Make sure to leave some space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe when trying them on. A good rule of thumb is to leave about a finger's width of space, or about half an inch. This should work to prevent your toes from getting too cramped or blistered.
  • Try different sizes: Still unsure about what size will be best for you? Whilst not practical when buying online, coming in store and trying on different models and brands of shoes for yourself is a surefire way of seeing what fits best. You'll also be able to make note of how your favorite brands differ when it comes to the unique shape of your foot.


Determining the ideal shoe size can be challenging, particularly when choosing between differing brands like Nike and Adidas. However, by knowing the general differences, considering the factors, and following the tips laid out in this blog, you should be able to find your perfect size match and enjoy your new sneakers to the fullest.

Still have questions? OG Kicks is here to help.

Simply head to one of our Brighton or London stores and ask one of the OGK team to help pick out the perfect size for you!

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