OG Kicks is to open its first London store in early May at 19 - 21 Foubert’s Place, Carnaby. Providing a wide range of limited-edition sold-out sneakers and an easy buy, sell, trade experience, it’s poised to become London’s premier destination for sneakerheads and footwear fashion enthusiasts.


The new space is designed to provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience, featuring a sleek and modern interior that showcases a wide range of after-market sneakers, combined with a friendly and knowledgeable team, and the opportunity to sell and trade in a safe environment. 

The store's impressive inventory, curated over the past seven years, is a standout feature. In-store, customers can expect to find authentic and highly coveted sneakers from the biggest brands in the industry such as Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, New Balance and Adidas, alongside very near dead-stock (VNDS) which offers great value.  

We've created a brand that truly reflects our love of sneakers, the culture, and the community that comes with it. We can't wait to welcome you to the store and share our passion with you.

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Notes about sizing:

Yeezy 350s

We recommend buying the Yeezy 350s half a size up (or a full size if you have wider feet) due to their tighter fit.

Yeezy Slides & Foam Runners

We recommend buying the Yeezy slides and foam runners a full size up to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Abbreviations to look out for which will not follow standard sizing:

GS - Grade School: Sneakers made in sizes for children aged around 6 - 10. These also tend to fit adults with smaller feet, but we advise taking half a size up if you’re an adult purchasing these tighter fits. These typically run from a UK 3 to a UK 6.5.

PS - Preschool:
Sneakers made in sizes for children aged 3 - 5. These run from a UK Children's 10 to a UK 2.5.

TD - Toddler:
Sneakers made in sizes for toddlers. These run from a UK Children's 1.5 to a UK Children's 9.5.

I - Infant:
Sneakers made in sizes for Infants. These typically run from a UK Children's 0 to a UK Children's 3.

W - Womens:
Sneakers made specifically to fit women's feet. These are typically less wide than the standard shoe fit.

Please note that sizes between brands will fit differently. For example, a size 8 Adidas will not fit the same as a size 8 Nike.