Liam Forrest x OGKICKS Bags the Win at Wicked n’ Bad 4

Liam Forrest x OGKICKS Bags the Win at Wicked n’ Bad 4

Last night, official OG Kicks athlete Liam Forrest fought Da Rain in the biggest boxing match of his career so far at Wicked n’ Bad 4. Da Rain, an experienced and uncompromising boxer, had been eager to secure the W and prove himself in a big arena.

Our man Forrest was not giving it up that easy though, and after months of hard graft in his home town of Brighton was feeling pumped and ready to send an explosive message to the Crystal Palace arena.

Televised publically and available to purchase on Freeview, the fight kicked off with some spectacle as both fighters provided a flashy walkout that riled up those in attendance. It wasn’t until the fight kicked off, however, that Forrest began to outshine his opponent.

It was five rounds of pure boxing masterclass as he pieced up Da Rain from the moment the fighters were unleashed. Ripping lightning-fast combinations mixed in with his famously explosive overhands, Forrest came out looking like he owned that arena.

After the win was confirmed by the officials, Forrest got more than just his hand raised as our OG Kicks representative presented him with some brand new Jordan 4 Infrareds as a token of his victory just before the post-fight interview.

Overall, the night's fight card was a resounding success and ended with Forrest’s face becoming familiar to thousands of viewers all over the UK and the rest of the world.

It was a huge night to be remembered for Liam Forrest as he left the arena with a huge win on his record, and some new Jordan 4 Infrareds on his feet.

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