Sneaker Cleaning T&Cs

Original Garms t/a OG Kicks is a limited company with the registration number 11889010. By using the services of OG Kicks, you are demonstrating your acceptance to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (Terms).  It does not affect your statutory rights. These Terms are in accordance with English law and will be construed in accordance with the English courts. You may not assign or transfer your rights and/or obligations under these Terms or any Agreement into which these Terms are incorporated.

All pricing is inclusive of VAT at the current rate and are subject to change without notice. Quotes are dependent on the style and condition of the item, the material composition and nature of wear/damage. On occasion, we may exercise our right to revise the price upwards after providing a fixed quote due to unforeseen complexities. 

Once the quote has been approved, you will be required to make an upfront payment. Upon completion of your item, we will contact you to arrange the return of your items. If the card or method of payment fails, we reserve the right to retain your items until full payment has been received.

We will contact you when your item is ready for collection. Depending on the day we receive the item this will be between 7 and 10 days. You must provide the original receipt.

If delivery is delayed by any event outside of our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and will take steps to minimise the impact of the delay. However, we are not liable for delays caused by external and unforeseen events.

By giving an item to us you are confirming that you are the rightful owner and you have full authority to restore the item without anyone else’s permission (or that you have obtained any necessary permissions). You will maintain ownership of the items throughout the process and it is your responsibility to ensure the item is collected.

If you instruct someone to pick up the item on your behalf they must provide the original receipt. If it is not collected within 30 days from when we contact you, we reserve the right to dispose of the item.

In the unlikely event that an item becomes damaged whilst in our care, the liability of the item shall not exceed 5 times the repair cost regardless of brand or condition unless previously agreed in writing between both parties.

If you are unhappy with any part of the completed work, you have 48 hours from return to contact us. We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you under these Terms for any loss of business or revenue or for any indirect consequential or economic loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with these Terms.

We reserve the right to decline services to any customer for any reason whatsoever, so long as the decline is in accordance with applicable discrimination laws.

If you have a complaint, please email giving full details including applicable dates, order reference numbers and full contact details.

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Notes about sizing:

Yeezy 350s

We recommend buying the Yeezy 350s half a size up (or a full size if you have wider feet) due to their tighter fit.

Yeezy Slides & Foam Runners

We recommend buying the Yeezy slides and foam runners a full size up to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Abbreviations to look out for which will not follow standard sizing:

GS - Grade School: Sneakers made in sizes for children aged around 6 - 10. These also tend to fit adults with smaller feet, but we advise taking half a size up if you’re an adult purchasing these tighter fits. These typically run from a UK 3 to a UK 6.5.

PS - Preschool:
Sneakers made in sizes for children aged 3 - 5. These run from a UK Children's 10 to a UK 2.5.

TD - Toddler:
Sneakers made in sizes for toddlers. These run from a UK Children's 1.5 to a UK Children's 9.5.

I - Infant:
Sneakers made in sizes for Infants. These typically run from a UK Children's 0 to a UK Children's 3.

W - Womens:
Sneakers made specifically to fit women's feet. These are typically less wide than the standard shoe fit.

Please note that sizes between brands will fit differently. For example, a size 8 Adidas will not fit the same as a size 8 Nike.