Patty and Bun x OGKICKS

Patty and Bun x OGKICKS

This October, we’re celebrating Brighton’s creativity and community spirit with a mouth-watering collaboration from burger legends Patty and Bun. Introducing: The OG

For just £12.95, sink your teeth into a juicy aged beef patty, tender confit pork shoulder, zesty pineapple chilli relish, melty American cheese, creamy mayo, and a dash of hot sauce, all nestled within a lightly toasted brioche bun.

Trust us, you won't want to miss this one.

This collaboration embodies Brighton's zesty local flavours and close-knit community vibes. Born out of collaborative support between local businesses such as Patty and Bun and our own OGKICKS means this burger both invests in Brighton’s growth and preserves its unique identity. This tasty treat means more than enjoying exceptional food; it’s also a way to actively contribute to our town’s thriving economy and vibrant culture.

Make sure you head down to Patty and Bun Brighton and ask for, "The OG" to savour a little taste of local unity. With every bite, you're supporting Brighton’s community spirit.

Let’s continue nurturing Brighton's good vibes together.

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