OGKICKS' First Ever Skate Comp

OGKICKS' First Ever Skate Comp

After a short break at the start of the year, we’re back again giving away heaps of prizes to the OG Kicks community. This time, we teamed up with LevelSkateboards to put on our very first skate competition at the Level and give away some premium loot.

The competition was fierce as Brighton’s skate crowd came out in full force for a chance to get their hands on the grand prize of a fresh pair of Low Black and White Nike Dunks, Skate merch, and some incredible decks courtesy of Level Skateboards.

First up, the flat ground Ollie challenge saw our OG’s putting their pop to the test as each contestant took it in turns to try and clear an ever-growing stack of boards without touching the pile. There were some great efforts all around and the winner ended up leaving with a fresh new deck of his choice.

Next, things started hotting up as we moved over to the bowl. The contestants were tasked with hitting the highest ollie out of the bowl whilst again clearing a stacked pile of boards.

Our competitors surprised even us here and the stack of boards just kept growing and growing as Brighton’s best kept soaring over the top (including a little bit of flair!). In the end, our winners cleared a huge stack of eight boards before being crowned kings of the bowl and copping themselves a range of top merch.

It was almost time for the grand finale, but not before we saw what tricks these guys had up their sleeves.

The task was simple, do the best trick over the hip and win a fresh pair of kicks straight from our shelves. The battle was hard fought but after some time at the hip, we’d finally found our top three freestylers and were more than ready to end the day with a bang.

It was finally time for the Death Race, a rubber-burning lap around the outside of the Level to determine which of our contestants would be going home with the sought-after Low Black and White Dunks. The challenge took place in two heats, the first being a qualifier to thin out the sizable crowd that had gathered in the park, with the second being the real deal.

By the end of the day, we’d given out heaps of prizes to the incredible skaters who’d turned out to jam and had a crazy fun time in doing so. The levels of talent within the OG Kicks community continue to shock us to this day!

You can watch our full video of the day’s events over on our Instagram @OGKicksBrighton, and make sure to be following our socials to be first in the know of our latest competitions and giveaways.

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